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Tired of your home decor? Then let IKEA feed you with plenty of inspiration and why not have one of the most famous hot dogs in the world along the way.

Well we can't offer a digital hot dog yet, however, we can offer a new online shopping experience that's on par with an on-site visit. Or even goes beyond it. No matter where you are, you can easily flow from one decoration idea to the next. But be warned: There is plenty to discover that you might end up with more items than expected. 


Inspiration at your fingertips

IKEA Switzerland aimed to become the digital go-to place for inspiring decoration ideas. The problem: their refreshing and outstanding content was not easy to find or navigate through. People perceived it as “fragmented”, "distracting" and "irrelevant".

Our challenge was to  reorganize the content and integrate it seamlessly into the online store. The fact that there were two different versions for desktop and mobile made things more complex.


Easy guiding and inspiration triggers

We created UX design patterns to stimulate the desire to shop. An optimized page structure and user guidance make it much easier to find interior design ideas or products quickly. Thanks to the mobile first approach, people have an inspiring experience regardless of device.

"With interactive 360-degree imagery, we create an immersive shopping experience and bring users into an endless flow of inspiration."

Katharina Herzog , Designer at Ginetta
Sparking shopping desire

To motivate visitors to explore the online store and inspire them with new ideas for their homes, we implemented a new visual language and purposeful patterns:

  • Seeing the piece of furniture in context
  • Generous design dimensions
  • Good quality images
  • Interactive 360 degree images
  • Seeing different styles/moods with the same furniture
  • Infinite exploration through “more like this” suggestions
Mobile first approach to design elements

The main source of traffic to the site is via the smartphone, so we optimized all elements such as images and cards for mobile. With these elements we created an intriguing, mobile-friendly, and visual story. Furthermore, we revamped the 360 degree images for mobile so you can explore a room simply by moving your smartphone.

An inspirational content hub

All content pages were clustered into one single spot: the content hub. Landing pages with sources of inspiration are the central entry point. The content is sorted into three categories: ideas, shop the look, and stories. Every category has an overview page where the respective articles can again be filtered and sorted. Quick links and related articles keep you in an infinite flow of inspiration.


Beyond buying furniture

The new website brought the magic of IKEA on the screen... and many BILLYS to a new home.

The new showroom prepares IKEA for the digital future. It doesn't fill bellies with their famous hotdogs, but it does fill the heads and hearts of today's demanding customers who are hungry for inspiration. Customers  want an authentic shopping experience anywhere anytime and they want to create their own unique homes. It is no longer about single pieces of furniture but about showing people a new way to live.

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