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Money is a curious thing. Whether we have a lot or a little, we all have to deal with it. Some people love to invest and experiment with their money, others feel intimidated by the complexity. But no matter who you are, with PostFinance you are “fluent in finance". PostFinance makes financial products understandable and accessible to everyone.

With the new PostFinance app, you always have your finances under control – anytime and everywhere. Thanks to our intuitive design, online banking feels more effortless, simple, and secure than ever before.

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The “everyday banker” in the center

The concept and design focuses on people like you and me who use the app regularly to manage their daily finances.. Therefore we had to break down the complex information architecture based on existing backend processes and make it work for their needs. All while walking the fine line between standardisation and diversity.

"I really appreciated working with Ginetta. We created a beautiful, first-class mobile app in a user centered manner."

Ramin Brimah, Brand Experience at PostFinance


Efficient and yet simple

The app should be as intuitive as possible and fit seamlessly into the PostFinance world. In order to realize this goal and make the app as efficient and customer-oriented as the counter service itself, we decided on three design principles:

EFFICIENT – From logging into the app to confirming a payment, should be effortless and easy while also making you feel safe. 

RELEVANT – Instead of overwhelming people with a wide range of possible actions, we focused on the features that are used most often. 

MODULAR – We wanted to enable PostFinance to scale the new digital experience over all channels.

Focus on the main tasks

People can easily log in via fingerprint or face recognition. The home screen is very reduced and shows only the most relevant features that are used on a daily basis: Balance of your bank account, payment and transfer functions, current transactions, and notifications.

A fresh look with 50 shades of petrol

The app should not only make banking more efficient but also come along in a fresh look and feel. The PostFinance iconic brand color 'yellow' is no longer overly prominent but still recognizable. 'Petrol' became the predominant color and gives the app a new look.

Dark mode was another important topic from the beginning, and even more relevant due to the launch of IOS 13. Dark Mode ensures that texts are pleasant to read even in the dark. To make the app more individual and to improve readability we decided to go with different shades of dark petrol.

Guidance through motion

To make the app more intuitive we used animations. This part of design is often perceived as icing on the cake but we introduced it from the very beginning as a way to guide people through the app and evoke feelings of safety and purpose.

"This is how banking is fun and we are proud of our fresh solution made for Switzerland."

Ramin Brimah, Brand Experience at PostFinance


Attention to detail pays off

There are loads of banking apps on the market. Some people say they are all the same but we are convinced that details in design make the difference. The new PostFinance app puts the people using it on the daily in the center. The simple and intuitive navigation and functions are tailored to their needs. As the management of personal finances increasingly happens on the go, the new app makes PostFinance stand out and stay recognizable in the jungle of app solutions.

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