Local to global, challenger to leader, or millions to billions — we know how to give our clients a competitive edge to thrive in the digital age.


We support leading corporations to stay ahead

You are miles ahead of your competitors. But while startups navigate the digital storm with agility, you are stuck with lengthy and tedious processes to initiate the slightest change in direction. We know your challenges and we also know how to overcome them! Together we find the most innovative solutions for even the most complex business areas, so you can go full steam ahead.


We help ambitious SMEs to get ready for the digital future

SMEs are the beating heart of our economy. And yet, they are still behind their larger counterparts in the integration of the digital tools to increase productivity, scale-up, and innovate. Growing its digital business is more important than ever to get out of the highly competitive SME danger zone and to the top. And we support them in doing so.


We boost innovative startups to disrupt the market

All in! As bold new players, startups have nothing to lose and are hungry to disrupt the market. And so are we. We are first-movers, fast-thinkers, and ready to push the boundaries. In our short design sprints, even "quick and dirty" prototypes go hand in hand with high-quality thanks to a viable strategy, user-centered designs, and early testing.

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Across industries

Focusing on the user instead of a specific domain or technology enables us to work with clients from a broad range of industries.

Transportation and Logistics

Retail and Commerce

Finance and Banking

Health Services and Insurance

Construction and Real Estate

Digital Services

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Ginetta Workspace

We are sharing our beautiful space with startups, small businesses and corporate teams in downtown Zürich. Come join us!

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