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We build websites and mobile apps that set new standards in user experience.

Ginetta is a digital agency that specializes in user-centered design and development. We create meaningful experiences that are fast, simple and beautiful.

While we focus on the user, we talk business: We understand design and technology not as an end in itself, but as a powerful means to help our clients thrive in a connected world.

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We use sophisticated methods to gauge and improve user engagement and satisfaction.

Like any artisan, we take great pride in our craftsmanship. Everything we do is derived from best practices and crafted to the highest standards.

We follow an extremely efficient and effective process based on the principles of design thinking, lean manufacturing and agile development. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

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We are a select group of designers, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Together we conceptualize, design and develop interactive products that set new standards in user experience. As a service team, we are always eager to learn and keen to succeed.

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We do our best work in close collaboration with our clients.

We always share our work in progress and love to get feedback early and often. We believe this leads to better results faster.

We are reliable, authentic and fun to work with. Our main goal, however, is to create value for our clients: We measure our performance by the extent of their success.

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