How to boil an egg

Whether your motivation is economic, environmental, or personal – we have the right recipe for you to save energy.


Fluent in finance

We all have to deal with money. So why not simplify mobile banking to the maximum?


Never miss a train again

The right ticket, the latest information on track changes, and delays. That's what everyone in Switzerland has now – in their pocket.

Julius Bär

A magic box for structured products

Before, creating a structured financial product was a full-day activity. Now it’s a matter of seconds. For more productivity, profitability, and joy.


Just for the health of it

Let’s focus on the essentials! By answering two questions to start with, you get a suitable health insurance premium in the end.

Cheers to good beers


Cheers to good beers

Even behind your beer there’s a lot of technology. But lately, industrial process technologies can be bought (almost) as easily as a Heineken at the bar.