How to boil an egg

We show them all. Economical, ecological, idealistic – there are many reasons and even more recipes for saving energy. We have them all.


Fluent in finance

We all have to deal with money. So why not simplify mobile banking to the maximum?


Catch the train

The right ticket, the latest information on track changes, and delays. That's what everyone in Switzerland has now – in their pocket.

Julius Bär

A magic box for structured products

Before, creating a structured financial product was a full-day activity. Now it’s a matter of seconds. For more productivity, profitability, and joy.


Just for the health of it

Let’s focus on the essentials! By answering two questions to start with, you get a suitable health insurance premium in the end.


A new home for BILLY

The only thing missing is the famous hot dog. Experience the full IKEA feeling from the comfort of your home.

Cheers to good beers


Cheers to good beers

Even behind your beer there’s a lot of technology. But lately, industrial process technologies can be bought (almost) as easily as a Heineken at the bar.

Better safe than sorry


Better safe than sorry

1 Million people have accidents in Switzerland every year. You do not want to be one of them.

Let's talk premium


Let's talk premium

Imagine asking a friend which health insurance premium is right for you. It's that simple with SWICA.

Real estate for Hinz and Kunz


Real estate for Hinz and Kunz

Become a property owner with 100K! The days when buying real estate was only accessible to big companies and wealthy individuals are over.

The easiest recipe for seniors

Menu Casa

The easiest recipe for seniors

The toaster is not always the solution – but Menu Casa is. Migros' online delivery service offers delicious menus for seniors. As easy to order as it is to eat.