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"Hello. Welcome to the simplest premium calculator in Switzerland". After entering the date of birth and zip code, you are already in the middle of a talk with SWICA. And we promise: The conversational journey will lead everyone to the right health insurance premium with more comfort and less effort.

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Multi-layered products

Health insurance premiums are often a jungle of multi-layered products, complicated terms and conditions, features, and non-transparency.

The challenge for the new SWICA premium calculator was to capture, break down and simplify this complexity without omitting or undermining details. Those users who want to dive deeper into a product or specification must be allowed to do so


A conversational user interface

Customers are (mostly) not experts. They are looking for clarity, orientation, transparency and simplification. That's why the new concept is based on a conversational user interface.

The new calculator communicates with the customer in a chat, asks questions, displays relevant information and offers additional support and information on request. Thanks to the focus on one step at a time, the process is always manageable and never confusing.

“We provide simple access to a complex world for everyone.”

Alan Ganguillet, Designer at Ginetta
Three-level customer journey

We have divided the user interface into three levels. This way the user always knows exactly what the task is.

CONVERSATION — The first level requires the user to enter data and provide elementary information.

MODIFICATION — The second level is for selecting and adjusting products.

DETAILED INFORMATION — The third level shows specific details to learn more about a topic if required.

Fast result, easy to customize

Most users want to see prices quickly and without obligation. By answering a few questions and entering the most important information, the users receive a personal product recommendation within 30 seconds. They can customize the selection if necessary and view all the details.

Simple language

What is the difference between a deductible and a franchise? Which deductible makes sense if I rarely need to see a doctor? To avoid the user getting lost in research, taking the first product that comes along, or abandoning the process altogether, we inform them transparently and exactly where the question arises. We talk at eye level and avoid speaking in confusing industry jargon.


A familiar path to the right health insurance

Until now, premium calculators have mostly been used at home in front of a big screen to not lose track. It all felt new and complicated so the operation required a lot of time and concentration. However, this is no longer the case with the calculator from SWICA.

The conversational user interface makes calculating the right health insurance premium more familiar and intuitive — so effortless that you can even do it on the go with your smartphone.


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