Better safe than sorry

1 Million accidents happen in Switzerland every year. A large part of them could be avoided – and this is the mission of the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU). They inform people about potential risks and share tips to prevent non-occupational accidents in everyday life. 

Together with the BFU, we have invented a truly unique way for everyone to easily find what they are looking for on their website. It’s a contribution to reduce accidents – and saves lives.

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Easier access to relevant content

BFU provides a vast amount of content to educate the public and professionals alike about accident prevention. Over the last years, the BFU website grew organically and became increasingly complicated for people to navigate. The content can be classified from multiple perspectives:

  • by subject area, such as sport or traffic
  • by user groups, such as parents or teachers
  • by situations, such as in school or at work

"We knew there was a lot at stake if the population couldn't effortlessly find what they were looking for."

Irene Hilber, Designer at Ginetta


Seamless navigation

We implemented a new and unique way to organize a large amount of multidimensional content. People can click their way to the desired results by selecting content teasers that act as filters on the home page. The teasers effortlessly guide you to reach the desired content. The intuitive navigation system allows effortless access to all kinds of different content including information for professionals, courses, and publications without ever touching a hierarchical menu.

Individual user journey

People can not only select a specific subject area but also combine their selection with a specific context. For example "streets and traffic" combined with "in schools". The same search sequence would have been harder to achieve with a conventional navigation system. People intuitively dive into their search by using:

  • subject area filters 
  • context filters 
  • and a combination of both
Overview with dossiers

We introduced dossiers to bundle information together from large subject areas. For instance, a dossier called «In the car» would contain information on various smaller subtopics related to driving, such as "Fatigue at the wheel".

A modular design built on values

Committed, close to life, authentic, competent, scientific, recognized – We incorporated the company values in a visual design that consisted of high-contrast typography and meaningful aesthetic images. The resulting website looks competent, modern and lively. Thanks to a modular design, BFU can create new pages easily.

"Visitors stay on the site longer and the bounce rate is down an impressive 60%."

Urs Steiner, Project lead at BFU


Making Switzerland a safer place

Our collaboration has helped the BFU in reaching more people with the right message. Thanks to the redesign over 20% of additional visitors arrive at the new BFU website via an accident-related Google search. The readers interact much more with the content and stay on the site on average 25% longer. Now we can gladly say Switzerland has become a safer place with more engaged and attentive users in accident prevention. Here’s to a longer and happier life!

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