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Etops develops digital tools for asset management. In just a few years, the company has grown to 130 employees with 135 customers and operates internationally. In 2023, Etops won several Fintech awards. Despite all these successes, their own digital appearance fell by the wayside.

Ginetta should change this. With a new website that supports the company's vision, enhances user experience, strengthens the brand, promotes customer acquisition and interactions, and contributes to business growth.


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Etops' previous website was a digital brochure. A simple company presentation and an address to reach them. But the website was not built for the company’s fast growth and was therefore lacking a consistent information structure. It grew with every new tool, but without a clear strategy. Further, the content seemed to be written from an inside-out point of view, resulting in a reading experience meant for experts. For users who didn’t know the company it seemed unclear what Etops was offering. 

“Ginetta's seamless process ensured that our vision quickly became a reality, with the focus on the product and customer results reflecting our DNA.”

Santiago Schupisser, CPO at Etops


Trust through clarity

Before you put trust into a novel product, you need to understand it. The new website makes it easy for potential clients to get to know Etops and learn more about their award-winning products. Use cases make it easier to understand how asset managers can make the most of the innovative digital tools. Reviews from customers help to make seemingly abstract features more tangible.


Let's make content king

The strategic positioning framework serves as the foundation for achieving clarity regarding Etops' value proposition, differentiators, and messaging. This framework enables effective communication on the website and beyond. The overview of terminology ensures consistent wording making the website more comprehensive for the user. The visual content makes the product tangible, conveys messages and texts effectively and strengthens Etops’ brand presence.

Trust at first sight

Through a straightforward information architecture, we mirror the structure of Etops’ offering, ensuring users can effortlessly navigate and locate the information they seek. The visual design is crafted to be both fresh and modern, cultivating an engaging appearance that complements the user experience. The implementation of a style guide fosters visual consistency, presenting a unified brand image across the entire website and enhancing recognition.

Built to being build

The CMS editor enables the website to grow together with the company. Etops can edit the website and its content themselves and flexibly, by using websites components and templates. Since Etops operates internationally, we set up an infrastructure to efficiently translate the website into other languages. We've integrated Etops' current CRM and job portal, making updating content and streamlining the digital experience easier.

“We built a robust website, ready to grow and scale with Etops’ business.”

Sofian Bettayeb, Growth Specialist at Ginetta


A site to shape the future 

As an innovative, ambitious company revolutionizing wealth management, Etops will further develop new tools, win more customers and employ more people. The redesigned website focuses on the user needs, shares Etops values, and drives business growth. has all the necessary components to keep up with the company's dynamic growth.

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December 2023

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