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Of the things that we love, we just can’t get enough. We think about it all the time, talk about it with like-minded people and fall into the Rabbit Hole when we google about it. And then there are things like health insurance. We would prefer not to spend a minute dealing with it. But it is just way too important for us. That's why understandable and user-friendly tools are especially valuable. As a customer-oriented health insurance company, Helsana recognized this early on. 

Ginetta was commissioned to simplify the lives of Helsana customers in the long term – with a new website, a new customer portal and an overarching design system.

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The nature of the beasts

Let’s be honest: Who knows anything about health insurance? How do we find out whether our current insurance option is the best for us, or whether another would be not only better but also cheaper? And like many health insurances, Helsana used product names that are not self-explanatory. For families, the matter is even more complex, as all customers, including children, need their own login.


As it should be

Our goal was to create a website where all clients could find their way around right away. This solution starts with the very first word that the customer reads on the website. Easy-to-understand language and a new wording structure guide the user through the various insurance products. The possibilities of the customer portal were expanded and optimized. For families a customized login solution was developed. A new sustainable design system was redesigned during the development.

Understanding first

The entire information architecture was designed intuitively and optimized in iterative testing until it reached its final form. For example, the presentation of insurance products: instead of using the incomprehensible product names as headings, we describe the products – unambiguously and clearly. The product names follow right on the next line.

A portal to an easier life

The new customer portal makes being a customer easier in several ways. A digital insurance card, displayed as an image, a text and a barcode for scanning; a scanning function for invoices; a customer overview that can be edited directly; an overview for families in which all family members are displayed to the head of the family at once.

Saving costs where it makes sense

In the new customer portal, users can enjoy absolute transparency. They are shown which services they have used in the current year. It is also visible which services they had to pay for themselves, because they did not yet have insurance for it. This makes it much easier to optimize insurance for the following year.

"Thanks to the skilled Helsana team, we could manage a large project with just two lead designers and a researcher from Ginetta and focus on what we do best: to simplify."

Corina Bertschi, UX Designer at Ginetta


More gain, less pain for everybody

Helsana customers now have an easier time dealing with their health insurance. The customer portal offers them transparency and enables them to complete various tasks directly. The website and its content is clear and easy to understand. In 2022, just four years after its launch, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts voted the Helsana website the best in the industry. The newly developed design system is long term scalable and Helsana has already been able to apply it to several other digital products.

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