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The corporate solution team at SwissRe identified a challenge: analyzing business relationships through a CRM system can often be time-consuming and laborious. To address this, they reached out to us. Together we envisioned a more intuitive solution. One that leverages automation and surfaces relevant patterns within the data through interactive data visualizations.


How to keep multiple entry points and follow its tracks cohesively

During Connect360's initial launch, SwissRe encountered significant limitations. Users were unable to navigate between different perspectives of network data and had limited filtering options, hindering their ability to refine searches effectively. The network visualisation overview provided within Connect360 was also insufficient, leading to reduced productivity and delayed decision-making.

"Fancy data visualisations alone don’t create value for users. They need to serve a broader function."

Heeyoon Kwon, Designer at Ginetta


Advancing proficiency

Our primary focus during the project was to bring out the core value the product holds for users. To achieve this goal, we diligently worked on streamlining processes by eliminating unnecessary steps. Additionally, we implemented intuitive navigation features to facilitate easy exploration. By providing a quick overview of the relevant information, we ensured that users have access to everything they need in a glance.

Smart search to enter anywhere you want

The integration of smart search enables users to seamlessly search for internal, external individuals or companies without the need for pre-filtering prior to initiating the search. This feature saves valuable time and increases productivity for users. 

Navigate to different network views whenever needed

Thanks to the implementation of the split view feature, users now enjoy seamless transitions between different views. This feature also offers the added benefit of simultaneously displaying the list of people alongside the data visualisation, ensuring efficient access to both sets of information.

Maximising the capability of data visualisation

To meet the varied needs of users we used different data visualisations. 

When focusing on a single person connected to multiple relationships, we introduced a grouping method so that users can see the relevant relationships quickly. When showing relationships between two organisations, we added the link view to easily show multiple connections at a glance.

Additionally, by using the hover feature, we provide essential summaries. This ensures that users obtain important insights without needing to invest a lot of time and effort.

"Ginetta brings great collaboration, and very structured facilitation. We solved many aspects of the product."

Tobias Mader, Digital Transformation Leader at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


Lifting the desirability of Connect 360

Through our collaboration, we have empowered SwissRe to broaden their business opportunities while achieving design goals. Both users and stakeholders have expressed a great satisfaction with the product, finding it remarkably user-friendly and seamlessly navigating through its features.

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