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Most major incidents are caused by a complex combination of events. These events do not happen in isolation but are part of a wider system of causal factors. With the FIS risk management software, banks can assess and visualize their customer’s risk across multiple asset classes with pinpoint accuracy. However, this is only possible if the users feed the software with clean data.

To avoid data errors as best as possible, we redesigned the underlying data hub. The result: faster, and above all, more reliable risk analysis thanks to simplified navigation, better user guidance, and more consistency.


(Too) Many functions, no consistency

The FIS Data Hub is a data processing tool mainly used by financial experts to set up and maintain business-related data for their customers, e.g. investment banks. As the number of functions increased over time, important actions became increasingly difficult to find. The reason was the lack of structural and conceptual considerations during the growth period.


Streamlining Navigation and Data Access

The primary solution involved a navigation revamp, making key areas like data tables readily accessible via a logically grouped sidebar. The data table, as the core user interaction point, was further enhanced by highlighting critical functions and tasks.

To ensure the project's lasting impact, we provided a guide of best practices and recommended design patterns, equipping FIS for ongoing improvements to the Data Hub.


A structured workspace for better performance

Thanks to a new navigation concept and smartly placed functions, the Data Hub can be transformed from a confusing labyrinth to a structured workspace. By following our guidebook with a wide range of UX patterns, FIS can create clarity, consistency, and easy access for financial experts using the tool. Generating and processing business data will become faster and less error-prone – so that in the future, risks for companies will no longer be a black box, but instead a manageable aspect of operations that can be proactively addressed.

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