Never miss a train again

Have you ever missed your train because you didn't know the track or which ticket to buy? We've all been there.

For more comfort, and joy when traveling by public transport, we've teamed up with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to launch a new mobile app for Switzerland: A travel guide that takes care of everything you need. A really simple solution for you, 8.5 million other riders, and all beloved tourists.

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An app for 8.5 million riders

SBB stands for outstanding service, striving to constantly improve and make travel more enjoyable for 8.5 million locals and even more tourists who visit Switzerland every year. To meet the high expectations and demands of SBB and its customers, we have redesigned the SBB mobile app. From now on, everyone should be able to plan and carry out their trips more easily and quickly.

“From school children to grandparents: The app has to work for everyone, regardless of age or ability.”

Simone Reichlin, UX Researcher at Ginetta


A travel guide in pocket size 

With the new SBB Mobile app, we have upgraded the user experience of travelers using public transport in Switzerland: The app not only remembers users' behavior and adapts accordingly, but also guides them intuitively to their destination with invisible navigation and speaks a modern and simple visual language that everyone understands ;-)

Learn from and anticipate user behavior

Based on behavior, location, and purchase history, the application displays content that most likely meets your needs. It learns and anticipates accordingly. Some details the app simply cannot ”learn” such as personal parameters, e.g. half-fare travel card or home address. But if you enter this kind of information once, they are saved for all subsequent purchases.

Invisible navigation

When and where does the train leave? Are bikes allowed? How much does a ticket cost? Are there any interruptions in the train service? Regardless of whether a user wants to buy a ticket or simply needs important information about a route, the starting point is the same: From the home screen, they can start a search or jump directly to the desired content via shortcuts. It is a seamless experience, from search to the overview of all possible connections, to detailed information and ticket options. The entire navigation works so intuitively that there is no need for hierarchy or content categories, no need for a complicated off-canvas navigation or button bar.


Design for everyone

We have created a visual language that every user understands intuitively. That is. the underlying meaning of the interfaces is revealed by just a few simple and consistently applied basic rules. A clear visual hierarchy and simple data visualization break down complex information into digestible morsels and help users imagine their own journey with their starting point and ending point and possible changes in between.



30 seconds faster

The new SBB mobile app is more than just a digital timetable: It is a personal guide that makes traveling by public transport incomparably convenient. Finding a connection and buying a ticket takes now just two taps and 15 seconds. To put it into perspective, that's 30 seconds faster than with the previous app and if everyone in Switzerland were to use it just once we would save 297,500,000 seconds or 9 years of our time. Even off the tracks, the SBB is keeping its promise to provide an outstanding public transport experience. 

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