Brewing beer is actually a simple physical process, but on a large scale, it requires quite a bit of technology. For example, breweries need to be able to check their tanks for pressure or fill level around the clock. Thanks to measuring instruments from Endress+Hauser, brewers can nevertheless sit back and relax.

When it comes to safety and efficiency in production plants, Endress+Hauser is in demand worldwide across different industries. To match demand with supply, we created a user-centric website that makes researching and buying high-tech solutions joyful, faster, and more accessible.

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Lots of content in many languages

Endress+Hauser provides a large amount of content on their website, but to find one’s way around was frustrating so far – especially on mobile. The navigation was complex and consisted of three levels. There was simply too much noise. To further complicate things, the site translates content into more than 20 languages – partly with different writing systems that have their very own design requirements. 


A mobile-first approach

Early on, we decided to take a mobile-first approach. It helped us simplify the complex architecture and ultimately place the user in the center of all pieces of content. We were able to transfer some valuable learnings from the mobile design directly to the desktop solution. 

Guided by content

We developed a new content navigation structure that reduced clutter and helped the user easily find his way around the large amount of content. Now the content guides the user to the desired destination. For example, we work with teasers that allow the user to dive deeper into a topic. The previously complex multi-level navigation has been reduced to only one main and meta navigation. 

A flexible design system

We challenged the existing branding guidelines and came up with improved user interface design elements and components. Our team created a style guide and a library that are flexible enough to respond to different requirements and allow designers to remain consistent throughout all the devices and platforms. 

Designs that speak a language

For some languages, we learned that we had to adapt our regular design. We made some adjustments according to the language and user feedback.

"To always have the user in focus, we firmly integrated Ginetta into our digital development process and get strategic advice."

Andreas Camenzind, Head of eServices – Corporate Marketing Communication at Endress+Hauser


Successful digital transformation

The website redesign had a measurable impact on customer behavior: The number of clicks on the "Add to cart" button increased by 21% in just three months. The success is impressive, and especially so in an industry whose business is still traditionally very offline-oriented. So it's no wonder that Endress+Hauser wants to continue the transformation from analog to digital - and we will accompany them in this process and ensure that the user perspective is always at the center of all decisions.


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