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Mobility has been driving the Swiss car-sharing revolution since 1997 — Less property, less responsibility, more flexibility. This strong value proposition convinced more than 245,000 customers to sign up for the service and book the iconic red cars whenever they wanted.

Almost by definition, the mobile app would be the best way to book a car anytime from anywhere. However, customers preferred to book their cars by phone or via the website. We changed this by rethinking the mobile reservation process. Finding and booking a suitable car is now as easy as driving it. With the redesign of the mobile app, the already successful Swiss brand became even more popular.

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Redesigning a well-loved app

Everyone recognizes the red iconic cars passing by on the streets. And each day, there are more and more of them. Over the years, not only has the number of vehicles, vehicle categories, and stations increased, but also the popularity of the brand. Along with its success, the importance of the app's user-friendliness has also increased. After all, the whole of Switzerland needs easy access to the growing range of services.

Mobility asked us to redesign the app. In the future, their customer should be able to book the right vehicle as seamlessly and conveniently as driving it.

“We aspire to design an experience so seamless that, to the user, it feels like they are unlocking their own car, which just happens to be wherever they are.”

Irene Hilber, UX Designer at Ginetta


Fast and easy – no matter the requirements

We designed a seamless pathway guiding the user from data input to search options to selections. All app functionalities and elements are contained in a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and simple to interact with.

Irrespective of the travel plans and individual preferences, there are always options to find the best available solution for everyone.

A split home screen 

By relocating the search bar to the top center, we enable people to quickly find a vehicle. At the same time, we also provide quick and easy access to existing reservations.

Instead of using the traditional bottom navigation bar, we designed a simple home screen that splits into two sections as soon as a reservation is made. Even multiple reservations are easy to access by swiping through the cards horizontally, while the search stays visible and accessible.

Three different search options

Until now, the search was only location-based. Users could filter vehicles by typing in the preferred pickup station, for example, "Zürich Hauptbahnhof".

The new solution can now serve three different search preferences, depending on the user's preference:

  • by pick up station 
  • by pick up time 
  • by vehicle category
Fast results, smart alternatives

The result screen shows all available vehicles grouped by station, beginning with the closest options first. Users can switch between a list view and a map view and apply more filters like equipment or shifting systems. We decide to also show the vehicles that do not match 100% the search criteria, but are close enough to be attractive alternatives.


Booking became as easy as driving 

The smart and forward-looking car-sharing app required equally smart navigation to take it to the next level. Sharing instead of owning a car should become the new normal. With the latest innovation and improvements, Mobility is a step closer to achieving this vision.

Today, the number of customers has risen to a remarkable 245,000 users. Not least thanks to the new search options, which better meet the needs of users. The new interface is more intuitive than before. Together with Mobility, we made the app faster, intuitive, and fun to use.

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