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The energy sector is transitioning: more and more people are looking for simple answers to complex questions about sustainability or the liberalisation of the market. And in the age of AI, people want to find these answers as effortlessly and quickly as possible. This development makes evermore crucial for energy companies to provide information in such a way that users reach their goal in “one flow".

To find this way for Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke (CKW), we took a close look at the website of the largest energy service provider in central Switzerland, and its more than 200,000 customers.

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Reducing complexity, increasing usability

While browsing content kaleidoscopes like Pinterest can be fun, a national energy provider's website needs to grab users' attention and evoke "Aha-moments” within the first 3 seconds. As people look more specifically for a certain information, the challenge was to streamline a complex and fragmented corporate website into a user-friendly hub where everyone drives effortlessly from A to B to reach their goal.

"With our design, we pursued sustainable scalability and enabled CKW to craft solutions that not only inspire today, but also empower the possibilities of tomorrow."

Kenji Nguyen, UX Designer


Developing a new information architecture

Whereas users previously had to wade through 6 main and 43(!) submenu items, our revised information architecture simplified the navigation to only 3 main and 15 sub-items. Developing a new information architecture (IA) was key in transforming the website into a powerhouse with over 600 revamped content pages. The new IA intuitively guides users while seamlessly integrating additional services such as heat pumps, solar panels, and security systems.

Putting the user front and center

Our goal was to uncover treasure troves of research-based insights that would help make energy as easy as it is essential. To systematically accomplish this goal, it's essential to actively involve users in the process. To do this, we used Card Sorting, an effective UX Research method. Our  approach not only directly engages users, but also organizes content and reveals their needs, creating a more cohesive and satisfying experience for everyone involved – including the CKW team.


Empowering the content team

Successful information architecture relies on aligning the content team around guiding principles. We've developed key pages and writing guidelines to ensure scalable success. In this way, our collaboration with clients drives synergistic value creation and long-term wins for all stakeholders, including users.


Consistent brand design

Brands require a distinct voice in the digital landscape. By working with the Swiss Agencies Internezzo and Redact, we've enhanced the user engagement and showcased CKW's values. With our efforts, we have expanded CKW's presence, creating a cohesive experience and a stronger image across all touchpoints.


"With the website relaunch, we've created a user-centered, consistent presence and laid the foundation for additional applications and digital touchpoints."

Carlo Schenker, Head of Digital Marketing at CKW


The art of streamlined simplicity

Tackling a website with an abundance of content pages was no small feat. But with a team of specialists on all sides, we rose to the challenge. Users now find their way around the CKW website in "one flow" without detours, thanks to the captivating language, sleek design and immersive experience.  

With the website relaunch, CKW scored a major win –  a revamped online presence, ready for our today’s demanding users, more business opportunities, and the upcoming competitive transformation in the Swiss energy sector.  

As CKW puts it: “Yes, to tomorrow”.

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